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I've been designing websites since 1995. I can design, implement, and manage a site for you. Take a look at my resume to get a brief idea of how I can help you.

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Experience:   Edelman Public Relations, New York, NY 3/2006 - Present
Developer. Develop microsites, promotions and interstitials using CSS/Web standards, DHTML, PHP, MySQL for: Alstate, American Egg Board (, American Heart Association (,,, AstraZeneca (, Avaya, Berlex, Bush Beans, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft/Kraftfood, Lexis-Nexis, Loreal, Mushroom Council (, Office Depot, Pfizer, Schering-Plough (, Starbucks (, Walmart, Whirlpool (microsite announincing the Whirlpool/Maytag merger, appearing on, Wrigleys (,; set up and manage single and multiple table databases and database reporting using MySQL; oversee outsource developer team for overflow projects., New York, NY 5/1999 - 1/2002
Senior Developer. Developed and instituted QA standards and practices (cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, multiple connection speeds, multiple monitor resolutions); develop libraries of javascript for form validation, dynamic page generation, form parameter passing, random PIN generation, client-side games, cookies; develop server-side PHP templates; liaised with designers, developers, and programmers to develop and launch promotions as well integrate the backend tools that manage and run the promotions; managed four developers, teach HTML design, coordinated assignment of projects to them; developed entire corporate site (; developed manual outlining procedures for new developers on how to use in-house databases and dynamic promotion publishing systems as well as element and QA checklists. Built promotions for AOL, NBC, Kraft, AT&T, Warner Brothers, Coke, Ameritrade, Netscape, Academy Awards, Nortel Networks, Fleet Bank, Citibank, Gateway, Gillette, Nissan, GMAC.
Razorfish, New York, NY 1/1999 - 5/1999
Developer. Developed online demos for and; worked with designers and developers, to create parts of Schwab and Bankone websites.
American Lawyer Media (New York Law Journal), New York, NY 4/1996 - 12/1998
Web Site Designer. Planned, designed, and executed web sites for legal clients and maintained LJX! web site using HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and other web development tools; supervised redesign of New York Law Journal (96-00); counseled, consulted with and suggested ideas to clients in developing sites; directed graphic artists in creation of logos and illustrations. Created and maintained sites for: Debevoise & Plimpton; Gibney Anthony & Flaherty; Morrison Mahoney & Miller; Winstead Sechrest & Minick; Marina Sirras & Associates;, Seltzer Fontaine & Beckwith; Consulted on site design for: Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker; Kaye Scholer Fierman Hays & Handler; Altman Weil; Williams Mullans Christian & Dobbins; Phillips Nizer Benjamin Krim & Ballon LLP.
Online Editor. Maintained the weekly online edition of The National Law Journal (96-00); Maintained monthly online edition of Law Technology Product News, Intellectual Property Worldwide (IPWW) (96-00), The Internet Newsletter (96-00), The Corporate Counsellor (96-00), The Computer Law Strategist (96-00), The eSecurities Newsletter (96-00), The Y2K Counselor (96-00), and The Internet Advertising/Marketing Law Newsletter (96-00).
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Publishing, New York, NY 3/1995 - 4/1996
Editorial Assistant. For the teacher's editions of a series of grade school reading textbooks: Prepared art, map, and photograph specifications; presented ideas at editorial and design meetings; researched facts and references; prepared author biographies; prepared cross referential charts for lesson tracking and coordinated efforts of group in preparation of charts.
McDonough & Associates, New York, NY 2/1994 - 12/1994
Associate. Coordinated and implemented community outreach for the "Make it NYCE and Safe" ATM safety campaign; developed community and media contacts; built and revised media lists; developed and implemented pitch letters and phone pitches; secured placements in general and trade press.
Planned Television Arts, New York, NY 5/1992 - 12/1993
Publicist. Coordinated national radio campaigns and road tours; created, maintained, and implemented press materials and media lists; secured placements on national and local morning radio shows; created layout, concept design, and original art work for press materials and signage.
Creative Business Communications, Monsey, NY 1/1991 - 2/1992
Assistant Desktop Publisher. Edited, proofread, and assisted in layout and design of instructional manuals; analyzed technically written manuals and translated to user-friendly language. Software Developer. Assisted in development of children's interactive software for retail markets; submitted ideas to improve user friendliness of in-house software.
Freelance:, New York, NY 3/2006 - Present
Developer. Developed microsites, promotions, interstitials using HTML/DHTML/CSS/Web standards for: Aveeno, Avon, British Petroleum, Buitoni, Goodyear, Home Depot,, Lysol (microsite appearing on, Mary Kay, Mastercard, Nautica, Parenting Magazine, Pepperidge Farms, Real Simple Rewards Magazine Talbots, Target, Thomasville, Velveeta, Walmart, Unilever., New York, NY 2/2002 - Present
Senior Developer. Developed html pages for promotions for: AOL, Ben & Jerry's, BIC Pens; Campbell's Soup, Capn Crunch, Cingular, Discovery Kids Channel, Dole Fruit, eBay, Electronic Arts, Energizer Batteries, Fuji Film, Kraft (Superbowl microsites), Mauna Loa , NASCAR, Oracle, Paypal, Propel Fitness Water, Warner Brothers; created a seven language international AOL/Harry Potter DVD launch promotion; liaise with graphic designers to help improve efficiency of design; work with programmers to coordinate back-end technology with front-end design., New York, NY 6/2003 - 1/2004
Freelance HTML Developer. Streamlined and restructured HTML templates that made up website; implemented site functionality to enhance and ease user experience; developed programmer and user friendly templates for redesign of corporate site.
American Lawyer Media (New York Law Journal), New York, NY 1/1999 - 6/2002
Freelance Developer/Site Manager. Maintain online sites: Maintained online sites: Law Technology News (1999-2002); National Law Journal (1999-2000); 7 online newsletters (see below: 1999-2000).
Winstead, Sechrest & Minick, Dallas, TX 3/1997 - 1/2001
Freelance Site Manager. Developed and implemented site design; maintain entire site; liaise with marketing manager to update press releases, attorney biographies, newsletters, and other special sections.
Education:   Introduction to SQL, New School for Social Research 11/2002
Introduction to ASP, New School for Social Research 11/2002
Introduction to PHP, New School for Social Research 8/2002
Bachelor of Arts, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 1/1990
Major: English, Minor: Computer Science
Skills:   HTML; JavaScript; CSS; DHTML; Perl; PHP3; QuarkXPress; Photoshop; Imageready; Illustrator; BBEdit; Beyond Press; Netscape; Internet Explorer; WebTV; Microsoft Word; Windows 95, 98, 2K, DOS; MacIntosh, PC environments.
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